Morning Sickness and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Morning Sickness and Traditional Chinese Medicine

By: Becky Castano LAc MATCM

Morning Sickness can be complicated to treat with a complex level of factors involved such as onset duration of symptoms, constitution, diet, physical health, level of toxicity, acidity , hormones, emotional health  and mind set. As a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine  we will observe, listen to your symptoms, look at your tongue and feel your pulse. We will Conclude with objective findings as well as explain a treatment plan that may best treat you. Often it takes several visits and adherence to a treatment plan to create results within your body.Often a OM Practitioner will utilize Acupuncture and diet first before prescribing herbal medicine. This is so that the Practitioner and patient will be able to identify any rate of response from the Acupuncture treatments.

Here are some common Acupuncture points that your Practitioner may use: You can Click on the name and it will direct to an external website with more information and details. These are by no means a full list of beneficial points that can be used , but these are some favorites.


Zhong Kui

Zhu Bin 

Zu San Li

Here are some common herbs that may help reduce nausea/vomiting and Morning Sickness.This list is by no means all herbs for morning sickness only a few common herbs.

Da Fu Pi

Huo Xiong

Sha Ren 

Zhu Ru

Zi Su Ye

what is a formula? a Formula is a combination of two or more herbs that are combined to create a synergistic effect by a Oriental Medicine Practitioner. A famous formula known as Si Jun Zi Tang or the (Four gentlemen Decoction) modified with Hou Po, Sh Ren, Chen Pi. This Formula is Classical in Nature and has been found to be safe, effective option for Morning sickness.This of course is only one of many various Formulas for various different constitutions that are well known in Treatment of Morning sickness. Their are hundreds of formulas with various unique combinations of herbs that can be utilized to treat your unique case.

It is advised that chinese herbs not to be taken by self evaluation or self diagnosis. It is important only to receive a prescription of chinese herbs through an Oriental Medicine Practitioner or doctor. In Conclusion Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be an effective tool in the management and treatment of many related Pregnancy issues such as Morning sickness.

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