What is Chinese Herbs?

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes many therapeutic Modalities the major one being Chinese Herbal medicine. Herbal medicine dates back farther then TCM itself it is a fascinating and well respected form of medicine that has been documented as far back as 221 BC.More recently since 1949 the Chinese government has encouraged the use of Traditional herbs as a cost effective alternatives to Western drugs. One of the major pharmacological works is the Materia Medica which records details on almost every medicinal herb know to Chinese medicine. Herbs in Chinese medicine consists of food, seed, weed, husk, root, branch, bark, animal products, minerals, sea chills and many other well peculiar things. Each herb is broken down in explanation from observation and clinical studies. study of each herb include Properties, taste, temperature, meridian channels, functionality, herbal direction, toxicity, pathogenic or pernicious influence on sevon major emotions, compatibility, relative toxicity, dosage , administration, dietary incompatibilities and overall TCM prescription. Diplomats of Oriental Medicine and most certifi

Traditional Chinese medical Theory’s is a complex system of observation, study of vital organs, constitution, symptoms, emotions, tongue and pulse to conclude a Diagnosis utilizing subjective and objective data. Each property of herb is carefully evaluated and combined with supportive herbs we call Formulas which then are prescribed to treat the underlying root cause of problems. Often we see today in the western world of pharmaceuticals where the objective is to treat the Sx. But is not always solution oriented to treat or acknowledge the cause of the problem. Traditional ¬†Chinese or Oriental medicine utilizes various therapeutic tools for evaluation, diagnosis, treatment of not only the Sx. But acknowledging and or identifying the cause of the problem. With creative solutions to resolve the problems by observing the whole person mind body and spirit. A Practitioner of Oriental Medicine will evaluate and treat based on your unique body’s needs therefore Chinese medicine is best only used under the direction of a licensed health care practitioner of Oriental medicine. It is not recommended for self diagnosis and treatment of illness or disease. Generally speaking prescription medications should be carefully monitored by your MD and should not be combined with herbal medicine without licensed professional prescription.

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